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Speed-Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (3/12)


Top picks in fitness, health and wellness news from across the web.  Our editorial staff loves digging for the digital “good-stuff” (ok, we’re obsessed). Get ready and speed-read with the hottest topics you need to know. 

Social Benefit:  Weight Loss Can Be Contagious, Study Suggests  Naysayers, listen closely:  social networking can positively change how we live, play, work, and consume information.  Thanks to a study on obesity reduction weight-loss can now be added as a reason for why it’s good to be social.  (sciencedaily.com) ) 2/14

New Genes:  Exercise Changes DNA  Just as shoppers use plastic-therapy to instantly change an icky attitude, researchers suggest exercise as gene therapy to instantly change our DNA (through muscle plasticity).  Like they say:  “When life gets you down, slip on new genes.”  Frankly, the whole report sounds suspect, but just we couldn't resist.  (stonehearthnewsletter.com)  3/6

Fat Fitness:  Getting Fat but Staying Fit?  While many cite weight loss as a reason for working out, underlying heart health may be the real reason for wanting to slim down.  This NYT article (released on Valentine’s Day) explores how both fitness and fatness should be considered when healing your heart.  For the study:  Study: Fitness and Fatness   (nytimes.com) 3/7

Super Set:  Exercise and Engineering Improve Learning   When it comes to improving student confidence and testing scores, schools are beginning to understand the connection between a fit body and a healthy mind.  The BioMoto project (a STEM initiative) combines exercise science (students learn while working out) with the science behind motorsports.  (salisburypost.com) 3/8

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Cybex Editoral Team