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Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (5/20/16)

Your Top Fitness News

Cybex's Speed Read is your “go to” source for the week’s top fitness, health and wellness news – the stories you need to know now. Stay on top of industry news and share with your clients, members and colleagues.

Cybex Receives President's Award for Contribution to U.S. Exports

This week Cybex was honored with the President’s “E” Star Award for Exports, the highest recognition a U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of American exports. – Club Industry

Volt Athletics Unveils New Training App To Algorithmically Create The Best Sport-Specific Workout For You

Seattle-based Volt Athletics is changing the game with a new mobile fitness app to provide workout programming through cloud-based technology, which is completely personalized by inputting your specific sport and goals. – Sport Techie

Get the Best Sun Protection

Unfortunately, most sunscreens do not live up to their SPF claims, according to Consumer Reports' research from the past four years. How does your sunscreen stack up? Read the full report. – Consumer Reports

How to (Really) Loosen Your Hips

Athletes with desk jobs often find themselves with tight hip flexors from their daily nine to five grind, wreaking havoc on their workouts. Learn how to loosen up. – Furthermore

Boston is one of the top 10 fittest cities in the U.S., according to the American Fitness Index

According to an annual report by the American College of Sports Medicine, Boston is one of the top 10 fittest cities in America. With our HQ located just over 30 miles from Boston, Team Cybex was proud to hear this news. See where your city landed on the list. – Boston.com

How the Recumbent Bike Saved Civilization - Or At Least My Sanity!

Our newest Cybex blog contributor, Virginia Ray Harshman, shares her inspirational story of how the recumbent bike kept her motivated as she battled cancer. – Cybex Blog

Smart is the new strong.
The Cybex Team

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