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Sports Performance Centers & Elements of Sports Fitness

Sports Performance Centers are different from the regular gym and fitness centers, as the focus here is on providing an environment where individuals and small groups can train to improve various aspects of their athleticism. At a Sports Performance Center your workouts and exercise routines will be in line with your sport – whether you are an athlete, a tennis player or a swimmer, your workout will be different from those who just want to achieve general fitness.

Fitness programs in Sports Performance Centers are geared towards improving your Speed, Flexibility, Strength, Power and Core Strength.

1.) SPEED – Speed refers to the quickness of movement.  It is undoubtedly an integral part of all sports including athletics, swimming, weight lifting and so on. Speed is influenced by the mobility of limbs, muscular strength and flexibility of joints. Thus to develop speed, you will need to focus on each of these aspects.

Speed training involves performing high velocity exercises for brief intervals, as this influences the neuromuscular pathways and activates the different energy channels in the body. The 2 key principles in this kind of training are - Agility and Speed. Agility allows you to quickly change direction, stop and start instantly, while Speed will enable you to accelerate quickly and maintain top speed for longer periods of time.

2.) Strength Training – For each and every activity that you undertake, strength and stamina are required. This is all the more true for athletes, as proper strength training provides a base from which they can modulate their bodies and gain speed, agility and power. A lot of emphasis is laid on Strength training, and most fitness experts consider it as the single most dominant factor in laying the foundation for a complete body workout. 

In most sports performance centers, strength training workouts are carried out with a view to build lean muscle mass, burn fat and increase muscular power. Proper strength training can produce significant results and impact your performance positively.

3.) Power Training – For athletes, power training opens up a different arena of performance all together. It works out the ‘fast-twitch’ muscle fibers, which have a higher potential for growth and development, while also stimulating the nerves controlling these muscles. Depending on the amount of muscles and strength you use in a particular activity, your level of power training will vary.

Power training recruits muscle fibers, which is why it is extremely important to take frequent rests between sets. Power training should not be confused with Strength training, as it is a highly specific form of workout that increases your ability to generate force quickly.

4.) Stretching – At Sports performance centers, your trainer will make you understand the importance of stretching before and during the workout session. A few minutes of warm up or stretch opens up your muscles, lubricates your joints and prepares your body for a rigorous workout regime. It also allows for better movements and increases flexibility of limbs, joints, muscles and tissues.

5.) Core Training – Another element of Sports Fitness is the Core Training Workout, which is a must for maintaining high levels of fitness and activity. Exercises in the core training category enable you to undertake weight-bearing movements, build back strength and reduce the risk of injuries.

The core refers to deep layers of muscles close to the spine that provide structural support to the body. The stronger your core is, the better your physical output can be. All workouts in this section mainly aim to promote power, agility, balance and stability. Core Training can function as a complete workout regime in itself, and is ideal for athletes and non-athletes alike.  

Scott Moody
Founder and CEO Soccer F.I.T. Academy