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TD's Top 41 Tips for Success In The Fitness Field

We are thrilled to introduce Todd Durkin as a featured contributor to the Cybex Fitness Blog. Todd  is an internationally-acclaimed performance trainer, author, and speaker who is committed to creating maximum IMPACT in all his programs and products. Todd has trained multiple professional athletes including future NFL Hall of Famers LaDainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees. Additionally, Todd leads a world-class Mastermind Coaching Program for fitness entrepreneurs. We welcome Todd and know you will feel the energy and IMPACT in his writing!

The Only Dumb Question is the One not Asked

The only dumb question is the one not asked” is a statement so very true. And just recently, the Perform Better 3 Day Conference series came to a strong close in Long Beach, CA. One of the many unique things that they do at these shows is a Q&A with all the top-notch presenters at the end of each of the first 2 days.

Yes, they gather all the presenters that spoke that day and put them on stage. And then the packed audience gets to ask any or all of the presenters ANY questions that they have.

I think this is brilliant. First off, in any conference, there are often several presentations going on at the same hour that you want to attend and can’t. So at least you get to hear from a little of everyone at the Q&A. Additionally, it’s great to get different opinions, viewpoints, and strategies from some of the thought-leaders in the industry all at the same time. This promotes “thinking” and shows you no one way is always the right way to do something.

And I love to listen to the questions from the attendees. There are always some good ones. And Long Beach did not disappoint. So I wrote them down.

Top Questions I Get Asked

Here were some of the top questions that the approximate 250 or so delegates in attendance at the end of the day asked to the panel or a specific presenter:

  • What are the top books you have read on business & leadership and would recommend that we read?
  • How do you keep “balance” in all that you have going on?
  • What trends do you predict in the industry over the next 5 years or so?
  • Why are trainers often so hesitant to talk about making money?
  • How important is breath in performance?
  • What are some of the quotes/mantras you live by?
  • How do you keep your energy so high?
  • How do you hire good trainers, what’s your hiring process, and how do you grow a team?

Perhaps the deepest question came from a middle-aged man who identified himself as someone “new to the field.” He asked the panel:

“What one question should we be asking you that we aren’t asking you?”

I thought this was a brilliant question.

When it was my turn, I responded with:

“What are 4 or 5 of the top lessons each of you have learned or tips that you could share that could save us tens of thousands of dollars and help us fulfill our dreams as fitness professionals.”

That is the question that I would ask the panel if I was in his shoes.

So that’s what I’m going to answer today. In my upcoming blog posts, I will answer the other burning questions asked above because I think they are great ones. But not today. Stay tuned to my blog for those.

But this question is deep. And if you tune in to my many lessons/mistakes/tips, I truly believe it will help you create both a ton of time freedom & a bunch of money freedom. 

TD's Top 41 Tips for Success in the Fitness Field 

To learn about my Top 41 Tips for Success in the Fitness Field that I created from this question, check out the full entry on my page


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