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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Every year, fitness and trying to avoid the extra pounds associated with the holidays become hot topics right before Thanksgiving. Here at Cybex, we've been here to help, whether it is getting ready for your annual Turkey Trot, or showing you the calorie & sugar contents of your favorite dishes, and even provided some simple strategies to keep sane during the holidays. Today, we share some other great articles to help you get through Turkey Day with ease.

Eat Whatever You Want (for Thanksgiving)

While everyone tries to find the healthy recipes, or tries to avoid the dessert table, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak actually provides a more common sense approach to the holiday, giving five tips to the Huffington Post designed to help you enjoy a guilt-free meal (with leftovers)! Harley puts in perspective that your Thanksgiving dinner is merely one of about 1,100 meals you'll have this year, and that it is not going to throw your whole nutrition plan off the rails if you have a second helping of stuffing. He also discusses fitness  and nutrition myths associated with the holiday.

Will Thanksgiving Dinner Kill Your Six Pack?

In keeping with the idea that a day of indulgence can defeat weeks (and months) of clean eating, Men's Fitness also discusses the myths around what many consider the highest caloric day of their year. While you might pack away five pounds of food, you won't gain five pounds immediately. Don't believe it? Well check out the article and see how your stomach can actually handle the meal, regardless of how much you pile on your plate.

Staying Healthy Through The Holiday Season 

Looking for a schedule to help you navigate the day and keep you on track with your normal routine? Check out this piece from PopSugar, where Michele Foley details her foolproof plan to feel her best throughout the day, while she eats and drinks her way through Thanksgiving. From her 9am wake-up to hitting the hay at midnight, Michele outlines a full day and how staying hydrated, active, and happy lets her go guilt-free all day long.

Fight Off The Fat

Another great article to help you through the holiday season came from Elizabeth Pullman of the Huffington Post. Here, Elizabeth talks about starting your "New Year's workout plan" now so that you can fend off those extra calories and not play catch-up in January. She also discusses how she carefully plans her holiday meal, from deciding which things she wants to grab seconds of (to control the portions of the firsts) and indulging on Thanksgiving, but managing the leftovers for sensible meals on Friday and Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving From Cybex

Whatever your plans for Thanksgiving, all of us at Cybex wish you a happy and healthy day filled with food, family, and fun. 


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