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We’ve been fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations based on scientific insight and the tireless pursuit of fitness perfection.

The 10 Worst Mistakes Fitness Centers Make

In our new e-book on member retention, “The 10 Worst Mistakes Made by Gyms & Fitness Centers,” we unveil the 10 crucial errors that cost you long-term memberships and potential revenue.

Cybex has analyzed all of the industry research available to understand why some facilities are successful and others struggle to retain their members. We want to help your business be one of those success stories. As a sneak peak, we’re listing each of these costly mistakes below:

Top 10 Mistakes Made by Gyms & Fitness Centers:

  1. Operation Oversight
  2. Mis-Targeting
  3. Fiscal Miscues
  4. Motive Mix-ups
  5. Mis-Fitting
  6. Missing the Personal Training Boat
  7. Equipment Errors
  8. Lackluster Workouts
  9. Group Neglect
  10. Impersonal Skills

Want to learn more about each of these key points? Download our free e-book today – it’s a great resource for any fitness business owner.

Whether or not you’re a current Cybex customer, we want to serve as a helpful and valuable resource for those in the fitness industry. As always, if you ever have any questions, just comment below - we’re here to help.

Download "The 10 Worst Mistakes Fitness Centers Make"

Do you know why your members are leaving? Learn how to avoid these common and costly mistakes. Get the strategies you need for success now.

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