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The Benefits of Treadmill Training (1)

The Benefits of Treadmill Training

For years now, there have been heavy and broad debates surrounding treadmill use from both the consumer side and the business side such as:

  • Should I use a treadmill at all?
  • Which brand of treadmill is the best one to use and/or purchase?
  • How long should I use a treadmill?
  • Is the calorie counter correct?
  • Does this measure my heart rate accurately?
  • Is a treadmill really better than walking or running outside?
  • Will this help my knees get stronger?

The questions are endless when it comes to treadmills because it is a really diverse topic that could go a lot of different ways.

As a business owner, when I’m looking at a treadmill to purchase for our clientele here at MZR Fitness, I’m usually looking for functionality, tread predictability, cool technology features, weight limit, and how durable the treadmill is so that I can make sure that we will have it for a long time.

I know that for the average treadmill user, these are uncommon things to look for but they are essential features in every treadmill out there. Personally, I’m a huge believer in training on a treadmill as I feel that it can help save your knees for the long haul, providing less overall wear and tear on your body.

I like to use interval training on the treadmill in my exercise programming for clients because it can help to torch calories at a high rate of speed. I have also found that people find treadmills far less intimidating and much safer than running outside which, from a business standpoint, makes a treadmill an absolute essential for every gym or personal training studio out there.

Although treadmills can be one your biggest costs as a gym owner, the benefits are worth the spend. Looking for more evidence for why to purchase and use a treadmill in your facility? Here are 3 benefits of using a treadmill:

Easy To Use

Treadmills are incredibly easy to use and have a very fast learning curve with no formal training: one can simply hop right on and view their options right there at their fingertips. They can control the warm-up/cool-down, speed, incline, time, etc.

Cardiovascular Activity

Exercising the heart is always a good plan and when you’re exercising regularly on a treadmill, one of the main benefits for people is that it keeps them motivated by the fact that they can see how many calories they have burned, as well as having the ability to periodically check their heart rate.


Using a treadmill can help you to avoid some of the common inconveniences of exercising outside on a regular basis, such as air quality and bad weather. It is also a bonus if you have a treadmill at home, because you can work out whenever you want while doing other home duties. This is key for very busy individuals.

The list of benefits for treadmill use can go on and on and on. For me, the ability to utilize a treadmill to keep my clients happy, coming back, and referring their friends & family to our facility provides enough benefit to make the decision an easy one for me.

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