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The Biggest Loser and Cybex Premiere September 21

Fall is in the air. School is already starting in many areas across the country. In some areas, like the upper Northeast and Northwest and around the Great Lakes, evenings now have a bit of a chill to them. The days are already beginning to get shorter. The NFL preseason is well underway. And, on fields across the country high school football teams are grinding through two-a-day practices anxious for their own seasons to start. Fall on the way also means something special to all of us at Cybex: We are just a month away from the new season of the Biggest Loser.

When you think of fall you think of change—from the changing color of the leaves to new schools and friends. In this same vein, we can’t wait to see the changes afoot on The Biggest Loser. This season CYBEX launches as the new fitness equipment partner of The Biggest Loser—NBC’s top-ranked show. Gone are all the ellipticals, replaced by our more effective and safe Arc Trainers. Old strength machines are out; shiny new, advanced CYBEX Bravos are in.

We can hardly wait to see the contestants pushing themselves to meet their goals on CYBEX equipment. We are especially excited to see how much more weight they will lose this season with the advantage of the Arc Trainer. We’ve already heard that previous season contestants, who got a chance to take a sneak peak of the new Ranch and test out our Arc Trainers, were jealous that they didn’t have them when they competed on the show.

We are extremely excited to be part of this amazing experience.

And, we can’t wait to see the changes in the contestants themselves. We can’t wait to see them not just drop weight, but also feel better about themselves, gain confidence and shed anxieties. This is what makes The Biggest Loser so special—it isn’t just a weight loss show, it is about people making a positive change in their entire lives. Fitness is a means to that end. Research shows that people who work out on a regular basis feel better about themselves. Hopefully the millions of people who watch the show every week, will be inspired and decide to make a similar change in their own lives.

Fall has always been one of our favorite seasons, and with just a month before Cybex premieres on The Biggest Loser we have a lot to look forward to.