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Those That Are and Those That Could Be.

In boxing, there are two types of fighters: the warrior and the contender; those that are, and then those that could be

For me the take home message last week was, no matter what happens in life, you have to come out a winner.  Kara and Brett really made it their top priority to reinforce this point and that there is no honor in could’ve, should’ve, would’ve; it’s do or don’t.


When Kara trained with Justin one on one she brought up a great point, “ Sure he’s a leader and a fighter now when there’s game at the end of the hunt, but will he assume the same responsibility at home?”  By the looks of Justin’s forceful response to Kara’s shoves, I wouldn’t count on a relapse, because he ain’t goin anywhere. 

Hannah made a similar breakthrough when working out with Jillian.  While working out on a CYBEX Treadmill, Hannah broke through the self defeatist wall she had built up in her mind.  She realized this is my life, and I’m in control.  I won’t be a contender in it. 

Speaking of control, let’s analyze the contestant’s leverage.  How much control do they really have over their future within the competition?   Look at the black team’s decision in the elimination room.  Even though Sarah lost more weight than some of her fellow teammates, like Jen, she was chosen to go home because she wasn’t an original Bob and Jillian participant.  Sarah was in the process of making a physical and mental breakthrough!  But she wasn’t given the opportunity to make it come full circle because she wasn’t a “blood brother” of the black team. 

As a previous member of a group alliance with Brendan and Fardo, we had more control over the competition.  Those that approached the game as an individual had somewhat unfair odds, being that 3 is better than 1.   But hold on.  What happens when there are no team distinctions? It should be interesting to see how the contestants will respond when every player has to work together to reach a cumulative weight loss goal.  If they attain it, then everyone is safe.  But if they don’t, somebody’s on the chopping black. 

So here are a couple questions for my fellow viewers:  Without the hierarchical structure of family and alliance in the mix, how do you think they’ll decide who goes home?   And how will they adjust to this new found control?

Patrick House
The Biggest Loser Season 10 Winner
CYBEX Fitness Ambassador