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Tips To Start 2016 Off Right (1)

Tips To Start 2016 Off Right

With 2016 about to kick off, many of us are looking to start (and hopefully stick to) a New Year's Resolution. It might be to lose weight, or to build muscle, read more, or just make extra time to spend with friends or loved ones in our busy schedules. It always seems that fitness, exercise, and diets dominate the resolution discussions, but by the time the calendar turns to February, the workouts, salads, and motivation have disappeared for a majority of us. Earlier, we shared 60 ways to make 2016 your best year yet, a series of great tips from 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Mike Z. Robinson, but we're not done yet! To help you find a resolution you can stick to, here are a few great articles and tips from all over the industry.

Choose A Resolution You Can Stick To

Next, Neale Godfrey of Forbes shares some statistics on how many people make New Year's Resolutions and how many stick to them after a week, a month, etc. Because of the huge drop-off, Neale provides several ways to help plan and choose a resolution that you can stick to and be happy with for longer than a week. 

A Slip-Up Doesn't Have To Mean A Broken Resolution

CNBC also discusses the fitness resolution phenomenon, but also discusses financial resolutions, which are also very popular every January. While both types of resolutions tend to end up broken by a majority of those who make them, Kelley Holland helps show you a five-step process to keep your resolution, and how to not feel like it is totally broken if you hit a bump in the road. 

Why It Might Be Nuts To Worry About Just Your Weight

Tips To Start 2016 Off Right 2

Sean Lucan from US News & World Report talks about nutrition and how weight should not be the dominating factor in your fitness resolution. He details some interesting facts about how you can lose weight, but become fatter, and talks about how choosing the right foods can help you to feel better, become more fit, and actually see results in that resolution you've chosen. 

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Sarah Maxwell of the Huffington Post, UK edition, details a sponsored fitness challenge, where your friends and family can actually help to keep you motivated. By sponsoring your program, which is full of simple to follow exercises and workouts, you can use them as your inspiration to following through on this year's plan. 

Read More - Change Your Life

Tips To Start 2016 Off Right 3

Finally, Emily Co from Popsugar has books that will change your life, if reading more happens to be your resolution for 2016. She has provided a wide array of selections, including books to help you find a job, get out of debt, or just be happier in your day to day life.

Happy New Year From Cybex

Whatever your resolution is for the new year, or however long you stick to it, we here at Cybex wish you a healthy and happy 2016 and look forward to providing solutions for you to keep your New Year's Resolutions. Whether it be programming on our equipment, education from the Cybex Research Institute, or helpful information here on our blog, we look forward to spending a great year with you!

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