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Total 2,221 Pounds Lost!

This season of The Biggest Loser is now over and Cybex is thrilled with the results.  The contestants lost a total of 2,221 pounds!  We are proud that this amazing result was powered by CYBEX.

Turning your life around is no easy task and we’ve witnessed the ups and downs each contestant has dealt with.  The finale was the culmination of their achievements.

As the contestants stepped onto the scale, we were reminded of their journeys throughout the season.  We all witnessed Frado’s vigorous medical treatments and Elizabeth’s collapse at the hometown challenge.  We were heartbroken as we learned of each contestant’s past and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome.  We pulled for them to succeed—even more so as we learned their potential fates if they did not make changes in their lives.

We were there with them through it all. We saw everyone overcome his or her weight and fight for the right to stay at the Ranch.  We watched the pounds drop week after week.  We rejoiced with each emotional breakthrough.  We cheered them on through all competitions—knowing full well that the only struggle that really mattered was their own internal battles.

And we were proud to say they did it on our equipment: Zero injuries in the most extreme gym environment possible, coupled with an amazing 2,221 pounds lost.

With joy, we watched the final four—Frado, Elizabeth, Ada and Patrick—run a full marathon.  Going into the season all four of the finalists thought this challenge was impossible for them to achieve.  With the help of Jillian and Bob they turned their lives around and completed the 26.2 mile run, an achievement that less than one percent of Americans can say they have accomplished. 

Ada congratulations on setting a new The Biggest Loser marathon record.  We can’t wait to hear how you are doing with your CYBEX home gym—which you won by taking the CYBEX challenge.

With a New Year upon us, the season finale was an important reminder: Whatever your situation, obstacles, weaknesses or strengths, you have the ability to live the life you want.  As Frado remarked, “If I can do this, anyone can do this.”

He’s right.  Anyone can climb on an Arc Trainer, improve their diet and completely change their life for the better.  And everyone should.  Thanks for that reminder Frado.  You were a great competitor and role model for us all.

The Biggest Loser is about progress, change and transformation.  We are beyond pleased to have been the fitness equipment partner of The Biggest Loser and to have aided in the evolution of the contestants.  We are especially proud to see the role that our Arc Trainer played throughout the show.  The Arc Trainer has been showed to be more effective than all other tested, traditional ellipticals.  And, this showed throughout the season—from Bob’s initial challenge to “Get on that CYBEX Arc Trainer,” to Ada’s CYBEX challenge win near the end of the season.

We also want to give our special congratulations to Patrick on becoming the Biggest Loser with a 181-pound weight loss.  With so much on the line for his family, and having weathered such tough times, he really came through, which is the mark of a true winner.

We also want to applaud Mark for being the at-home winner with a 213-pound weight loss.  Great work. 

Finally, we commend all the participants on this season’s Biggest Loser for their hard work and great success.  Stick with it.

This was our first season on the show and we couldn’t be more excited.  We can’t wait for the next season to begin on January 4.  From what we hear it will be even more amazing.

Total 2,221 Pounds Lost! (1)