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Triceps Presses: Because Biceps Shouldn’t Get All the Credit

Don't forget about your triceps - you use them more often than you may realize. They not only help sculpt the arm, but have incredible functional importance.

Activities that use triceps

The triceps muscle is primarily responsible for strengthening the arm at the elbow and developing pushing force – both away from the body and overhead. For example, you use this muscle when getting out of a chair, placing a heavy item on the top shelf, raising a child over your head, playing tennis (especially when hitting a backhand), or pushing a door closed. 

Why you should care about exercising your triceps

While we may not always realize it, we use this muscle in so many of our daily activities to stabilize and balance our upper bodies, as well as provide leverage for moving heavy objects. Training our triceps also contributes significantly to our overall upper body strength, allowing us to do any type of upper body lifting with greater ease.

While many people associate strong arms with big biceps, we shouldn’t forget about the triceps. We often get obsessed with ‘beach muscles’ like the biceps, and tend to neglect the other equally important muscles of the arm. Training the triceps (along with proper nutrition) is what really changes the appearance of the arms and makes them look more sculpted and defined. Take Jamie Foxx on the cover of Men’s Health, for example, or any photo of Serena Williams hitting a tennis ball. The definition in their triceps is not only visible in that one particular area but also contributes to the overall sculpted look of their arms and, in Williams’s case, their function.

Trainer tip

Use the Prestige VRS Triceps Press in a variety of ways to get a versatile and effective triceps workout that is for exercisers of all ages and abilities. Key features of this machine include:

  • An easily adjustable seat to accommodate different heights
  • A forward-tilting back pad for added stability without the need for a seat belt
  • Extra size grips for added comfort
  • An option to do the exercises seated or standing, which can accommodate different body types and add variety to the workout

What other exercises do you do to strengthen your triceps? Tell us about them in the comments section.

Learn more about the Prestige VRS series and discover how it helps you build upper body strength, endurance, and good form.