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We’ve been fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations based on scientific insight and the tireless pursuit of fitness perfection.
V Series Cardio

V Series Cardio: Perfect for Multi-Family Housing

For property management companies, gyms can be one of the most difficult aspects of their apartment or condo buildings to get right. Residents enjoy the convenience of an on-site fitness facility but often come to the gym with different fitness goals and needs. Building managers strive to create an experience that works for everyone but look for the balance between complicated equipment and not having enough variety.

When Cybex began to design and develop of our new cardio equipment, we had discussions with stakeholders who will put the equipment to use. We learned that the machines need to be dependable yet affordable, easy to use yet effective, and have a design aesthetic that fits with high-end apartment buildings. After years of design and engineering, we are excited to announce V Series Cardio Equipment.

Cardio equipment build for apartment residents

When you live in the same building or complex as your gym, you want it to reflect your home. Walking down the hallway into your facility, it needs to feel clean and up-to-date, functional and built for you. That’s why the V Series line includes a treadmill, cross-trainer, upright exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike designed to provide an excellent cardio workout, quickly and easily.

With our new, intuitive display, residents can step up to a treadmill and begin working out with just a few buttons.Because each piece of equipment utilizes the same display, residents can easily switch between each piece of equipment as they progress. Workouts are at the touch of an exerciser’s finger, providing residents with the fitness variety they crave in an intuitive package.

V Series Cardio1

Specialized fitness equipment features for building managers

V Series Cardio was created with building managers in mind, with unique features designed to take the stress off their shoulders and keep residents happy, healthy, and enjoying their buildings.

Wireless monitoring build into cardio equipment

V Series Cardio offers standard wireless connectivity so residents will always find functional equipment when they enter the gym. The system sends detailed equipment information to a centralized platform, providing building managers with insights into how equipment is used. Our system sends preventative maintenance updates to building managers, helping equipment stay running for every resident.

V Series Cardio2

Modern aesthetic with a durable build

V Series Cardio was designed to be a highlight of the building tour, a showcase of potential for residents. With an updated, modern aesthetic, the equipment seamlessly integrates into the gym, providing a feeling of investment and care for residents. Each piece of cardio equipment was engineered to meet the needs of a multi-unit residential facility, with features such as rugged crank arms on our V Series upright exercise bikes and recumbent exercise bikes.

V Series Cardio3

Interested in V Series Cardio for Your Multi-Family Housing?

Our sales representatives have extensive experience helping residential building managers and owners find the equipment mix that works best for their gym. Speak with them today to find the fit that will make your residents happy, fit, and healthy. 

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