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Why Diets (Sometimes) Fail

The average dieter begins and breaks four diets a year. Only one in every 100 people succeeds in losing weight permanently. Obviously, no one who begins something and “fails” really feels good about it. When you break your diet, binge, or stop going to the gym, you probably feel defeated, discouraged, or even disgusted.

Where dieting in the United States is concerned, it’s a case of frustration on a mass scale (pardon the pun). Yet, the futility of dieting doesn't deter those that are determined to shed pounds. People often think that a new diet, pill or surgery will do the trick. They want the “next thing” to be what sheds the pounds. They want to be the “Biggest Loser.”

Why is it so hard to stick to a diet?

Recently, Dr. Roger Gould conducted an Internet interview with 17,000 dieters. It revealed that 99 percent of people broke their diets because they were stressed, depressed, or bored. Essentially, it is emotions, not lack of willpower, that keep you from succeeding with your diet plan.

Diets tell you what to eat, fitness plans tell you how often and how to exercise effectively, but they don't take into account that on some level you may feel like you need food to manage the stresses and strains of life. When it comes to losing weight, and more specifically, how to do it successfully, knowledge of what to eat and when to eat is not enough. Nor is it necessarily enough to follow a vigorous exercise program. Everyone knows to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. We have television shows, books, gyms, and diet foods everywhere. There is more access to information about losing weight than ever before.

Billions of dollars are spent per year on weight loss tactics. Yet, people continue to gain. A recent study predicts that by the year 2015, 75 percent of Americans will be overweight. There are many reasons concerning why this is happening. Stress eating is amongst those reasons. You can't break this habit until you prove to yourself that there are better ways of handling the emotions of stress.

Cybex can certainly help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals, but it is still up to you to skillfully maneuver your mindset through the other twenty-three hours of the day.  Whether it is meditation, prayer, therapy, vacations, and/or more time with family and friends, emotional fitness is essential to maintaining that Arc-sculpted body.

Holly Aglialoro
Guest blogger and fitness enthusiast