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Work Out With Woody [INSPIRATION]

Exercise Advice From Woody Allen

I admit my motivation to exercise is well-ingrained in my daily routine. I grew up in a health-conscious household with an active mother and an ex-marine father who is Chairman of a premium fitness equipment company you may have heard of – Cybex!

Nevertheless, I have my share of mornings where I feel paralyzed from: physical and emotional exhaustion after a hectic work week, boredom with my circuit-training routine, general crankiness and/or garden-variety laziness.

This is where the “Woody Allen Rule” comes into play.  On my refrigerator door, as I reach for the half-and-half I put in my requisite cups of coffee before going to the gym, is his simple quote—“eighty percent of life is just showing up.”

Workout Wisdom

I apply Woody’s rule to my fitness regimen. It is especially helpful on mornings when my mind seduces me with distractions such as:  I am too busy today to fit in a workout, I didn’t get enough sleep this week—I really should rest instead, I don’t really “need” to workout today since I am lean and healthy already, or the ever-popular excuse that it would not hurt to “just this once” ditch the workout and get to work early.

Woody’s quote and a few other motivational mantras stuck on my refrigerator often give me that needed jolt out of my illusory reverie to just get into the car and “show up” at the gym.  Another simple phrase that helps is, “Self-pity is an alibi for inaction".

"80% of life is just showing up."

Inevitably, once I do show up at the gym, some form of a respectable workout materializes.  Under the fluorescent lights, clad in sweats and sneakers, gleaming Cybex exercise machines and Arc trainers surrounding me, it seems stupid to turn around and leave.  Slowly, my beleaguered body rises to the challenge of just one more set on the Lat Pulldown machine, then a couple of sets on the Leg Press, and then a few Leg Extensions, etc.

My humble workout may not shatter any fitness records nor insure that the rest of my day will go smoothly, but it does cement the foundation of a sound fitness routine, a stronger body, and a saner mind.  Thanks, Woody! 

Holly Aglialoro
Guest Blogger and Fitness Enthusiast