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Workout Wednesday: Arc Trainer Random Interval Challenge (30 minutes)

As we mentioned previously, music makes a huge difference to your performance when you are working out, and this is certainly true on the Arc Trainer as well.

Use Music to Help Burn Calories

For this workout, we are going use music to help determine the intensity of the workout, and we want to challenge you to burn as many calories as possible in a 30-minute period. This format is very similar to a spin class and utilizes the unique Arc Trainer Adaptive Power program feature.

This workout is great for runners, team sport athletes, or someone looking for a fun way to change their cardio programming. Challenge yourself, or grab a couple friends and challenge each other.

The Workout Challenge

Burn as many calories as possible in this 30-minute workout.

What You Need


What You Do

  1. Start by setting up the Arc Trainer in Adaptive Power mode and enter your weight (otherwise it will default to 150 lbs.). We recommend everyone start off at Level 2 or 3, and then, if possible, increase to Level 3, 4 or 5 based on individual fitness level.

    If you are new to the Arc Trainer, be sure to check out our quick tutorial on getting started before you do this workout.

  2. Select a fast-paced playlist on your music device.

    Not sure what songs to put on your playlist? We have a few suggestions here to give you some inspiration.

  3. As the music changes tempo, increase your Strides Per Minute (SPM).

    When you are in Adaptive Power mode, as you increase your SPM, the resistance will also increase. The faster you move, the more resistance you will feel, and thus the more calories you will burn. When the music speeds up, increase your SPM (working phase). As the music slows down, decrease your SPM (recovery phase).

  4. When you are finished, record the total number of calories burned. The heavier you are the more calories you will burn, so to make this challenge comparable for everyone, take the total calories burned divided by your body weight:


    • Participant 1: 640 calories in 30 minutes at 155 lbs = 4.2
    • Participant 2: 780 calories in 30 minutes at 190 lbs = 4.11

    In this scenario, Participant 1 would be the winner.

Try Different Playlists

You can compete with friends, or just compete against your previous scores. The playlist you select can dramatically change your workout, so experiment with different playlists to see which one gives you the best workout. In time you will find a playlist for intense workouts and another for light, easier, recovery-focused workouts.

What did you think of this workout? Was it fun? Are you surprised at how many calories you burned? Post your scores in the comments below and let us know what songs you played that really motivated you to move.

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