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Workout Wednesday: Try the New Cybex Workout Center

We recently launched the all-new Cybex Workout Center, where we offer workouts targeted to fitness goals: losing weight, improving your running, building strength, or working on size and shape. Each of these fitness goals has workouts at different levels of intensity.

Today, we would like to give you a sneak peak into what the site offers with a beginner’s weight loss.

Weight Loss Workout

Fitness Goal

Develop confidence in key movements.

We are focusing on building a base of strength to carry you through other workouts. This workout combined machine exercises and body weight exercises to deliver a calorie-burning workout that will keep your metabolism high for hours.

This workout has three parts, with the first 2 being trisets with 3 movements each and the last being a superset with 7 movements.

What you need
Cybex Eagle NX Line (Leg Press, Chest Press, Row, Abdominal, Torso Rotation), Cybex Arc Trainer, box

Time Needed
About 30-45 minutes


Pro Tip

Because you will be performing each movement until fatigue, it is important to know when you have reached that point. The key is to keep a rhythmic tempo during all exercises. When you begin to lose your rhythm, or start to fatigue, move on to the next exercise.

We hope you enjoy this challenging but fun workout. Be sure to record how many reps you do of each exercise and then test yourself again at a later date to see how far you’ve come.