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Workouts For In Between Running Days

Earlier, we provided programming on how to prepare your body for running. Today, we continue to condition your body, this time focusing on the days in between runs, when you can further improve your performance.

Exercise between running days

This program is designed to build stability around the ankles, knees and hips, while simultaneously laying the foundation for a strength training program for improved running performance. Designed to complement a running program, this workout is meant for someone who is just starting out, or is returning to running after a period of inactivity.

Equipment needed
Cybex Eagle NX (Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Leg Press, Hip Adduction/Abduction, Calf), Cybex Arc Trainer (use Adaptive Power mode)

Length of workout
Approximately 30-45 minutes

Progress through the workout, performing the sets and reps suggested for each exercise. Focus on “feeling” the exercise in the area suggested, and do enough repetitions to get a good “burn” in that area. If you need to add a few more repetitions to get a good feel for the exercise, we suggest you do so. Each time you do this workout, you should feel things a little sooner and you should feel a little more stable, or balanced, as you perform each exercise.


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