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Hammer Strength Standard: A Strongman With An Infectiously Positive Attitude

It was while attending Maroa-Forsyth (Ill.) High School that Jerry Beach found the place he felt the most at home—the weight room. That early introduction to strength training more than a decade ago resulted in Beach dedicating his life to fitness.

“As I got more into (weightlifting in high school), I not only saw a change physically, but I also started to see a change psychologically,” said Beach. “I started to gain confidence. I started to gain more of a passion towards trying to be stronger and essentially create my own self-worth. And so that was something that really carried me throughout high school just because it was something that I was known for.”

Beach went on to Elmhurst College, where he played defensive end for the Bluejays and continued his dedication to training. After graduation the love of the weight room continued. Beach began participating in powerlifting competitions, and in 2014 started competing in Strongman events where he traded in barbells for lifting cars. Yep, cars.

“What drives me to compete is it's fun, that challenge to actually see exactly how close you can come to being what's considered great,” added Beach. “I've lifted cars for reps before. That's really cool. But the most I've ever deadlifted is 672 pounds. I got 700 off the ground, it just didn't make it. That was probably one of my biggest accomplishments.”

Now, Beach offers his expertise, and infectiously positive attitude, to everyday exercisers as FFC Gold Coast in Chicago. That’s where he excels as a personal trainer.

“(Exercisers) don't have to lift 400, 500 pounds on a daily basis, they can at least be able to move better at home,” explained Beach. “They can have fun with their kids. They can lose weight. They can gain control of their lives. (Working at FFC) has been an absolutely awesome experience. Fitness has played a massive role in my life. It gave me confidence. It gave me physical strength. It gave me friends. It gave me a community that people go through their entire lives trying to find, and just simply following something that I love gave me all of that.”