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Making Barbells Even More Durable with Cerakote

Well-made Olympic and power bars are extremely rugged by nature. But, add a Cerakote finish and they are as durable as it gets. The coating is so tough that both the United States military and law enforcement organizations use it to protect firearms. So it should be perfect to handle what even the toughest strength training facilities and athletes dish out.

What exactly is Cerakote?

It’s a polymer-ceramic composite coating that can be applied to metal to greatly enhance abrasion and corrosion resistance.


What’s the point of applying it to barbells?

Creating Hammer Strength armored bars requires just one coat of Cerakote and oven curing. Doing this adds to the durability of the barbells. Tests show that Cerakote resists corrosion without changing the feel or performance of the bars.

“Hammer Strength armored bars have a great hand feel,” explained Marty Pritchett, a product manager for Hammer Strength who spends plenty of time in the weight room. “The Cerakote finish doesn’t affect the knurling or grip at all. The extra corrosion protection adds a lot of peace of mind and I don’t have to worry about the lifespan of the bar.”


Durability is great, but Cerakote also adds color.

Another enticing feature is the fact that Cerakote is available in several colors. This allows for a level of customization not possible with standard chrome or zinc barbells. Athletic facilities can easily choose barbell colors that match their logo. Fitness facilities can color-code barbells for use in specific areas of the facility. For example: red power bars are for use on benches, blue bars stay on racks, gold-colored bars are for Olympic training areas, etc.


What does Hammer Strength offer when it comes to Cerakote-coated barbells?

Hammer Strength Armored bars are available in an Olympic bar (28mm/20kg) and a power bar (29mm/20kg). They are offered in six colors: bazooka green, red, gold, desert sand, gray and navy blue.