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The True Fitness Believers at AIM Performance


It’s easy to get the sense from the staff at AIM Performance Training that they are both true believers in how much fitness can benefit everyone and dedicated to what they do.

The training center in Mentor, Ohio offers performance training for anyone from beginning exercisers to elite athletes.

Founder Alex Dudas was originally driven to seek out a healthy lifestyle as a remedy for his Crohn’s disease. A nursing degree followed and he eventually found his calling as a trainer, using a squat rack as his main training tool. He and co-owner Tim Dragmen, who has a degree in exercise science, founded AIM in 2017.

All-Encompassing Approach

Members at AIM don’t just get a trainer, they get a staff of professionals. The staff of 17 includes strength and speed coaches, MMA and kickboxing trainers, yoga instructors and certified dieticians.

“There’s not one group (we train),” explained Dudas. “When they come here you’re not just getting one trainer, you’re getting a whole team. We all actually program the individual regardless of goals.”

Added Pat Kuntz, the head strength and conditioning coach: “It’s more about doing things morally intact and helping people out. The reason we stand out is that we just don’t offer just one thing.”

The schedule at AIM is a mixed bag. The gym offers one-on-one training, group training like bootcamps and kickboxing, and it also serves as a 24/7 facility for those who want to work out on their own.


Hammer Strength Hub

Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment plays a big part in the training plans designed by the staff at AIM.

“There are almost an infinite amount of options with Iso-Lateral plate-loaded,” said Kuntz. “It does everything we need from a new user to experienced user. We try to focus on mechanics rather than muscle groups.”

Explained Dragmen: “Plate-loaded has all of the benefits of using dumbbells, but restricts movements in a good way.”

AIM also employs HD Elite power racks for even more specialized training, including the workout regimen for a pair of American Ninja Warriors athletes.

“Just the appearance of racks looks powerful,” explained Kuntz. “It kind of gives off a certain vibe and energy that it’s time to be powerful. And, if you start running out of space they’re multifunctional.”

Positive Response

AIM benefits from the vast training knowledge of its staff, attention to detail and a passion to make people better. This doesn’t go unnoticed by members. The facility is bustling with everyone from adolescents to 75-year-olds, from the deconditioned to the elite athlete. The genuine concern for their members resonates.

“I’d say if you asked any of our members the one thing about AIM, they’d say is that we’re family,” said Dudas.