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A Weight Room Fitting for the Hurricanes

In late 2016, the Hurricanes' Hecht Center weight room went through a major overhaul. They installed 20 Hammer Strength HD Elite Combo Half Racks, a variety of plate-loaded equipment and Hammer Strength custom dumbbells, weight plates and bumpers.

The result of the upgrade is an impressive facility that is fitting for a traditional college football powerhouse.


The facility was recently featured on ESPN’s Gymratts, and host Josh “Farb” Goldstein spent plenty of time with head coach Manny Diaz and strength and conditioning coach David Feely.

Your weight room is your program.

- Manny Diaz, University of Miami, Head Football Coach

"Your weight room IS your program,” said Diaz, who was named head coach in December 2018 after three seasons as the defensive coordinator for the Hurricanes. “In football, everybody talks about the what you can do, the plays you run, but it's the how you run them that really makes them go. So, where do you learn the how? You learn the how in the weight room. You learn the how in the offseason."


"The habits your team forms from January until August cannot be corrected from August until September. That’s work ethic, toughness, resiliency, all those types of things are taught every day in the weight room. The game of football has changed in terms of how we can practice it, but we can install so many of those old school values in that room, right there."

Diaz spoke highly of Feely's unique interactive coaching style and ability to communicate the science behind it. "(He knows) not just what we're doing but why we're doing it. We don't run a health club. When a player understands 'this is getting me better for my performance', they'll give you a little bit extra."

Feely was hired in January after spending two seasons at Temple University. The 14-year coaching veteran brings energy and a hands-on instructional approach to the ‘Canes.

“Really it boils down to leadership and accountability,” explained Feelly. “If they’re holding each other accountable and toeing the line, that’s great. Then they have the (ability) to lead somebody. Every player in here will lead a drill every week. One player will get his shot. We want to make sure he’s able to articulate, he’s able to command and lead a group of men in here in a controlled environment before they go out on to the football field where it’s really uncontrolled.”